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Why I’m Grateful for the Service of Military Troops

It takes a special kind of person to serve in the Military. One who is strong, hardworking, daring, and aggressive.  But most of all, it takes a person who is completely selfless.  Our troops put their lives on the line each and every day so that we can live a life of comfort and freedom... Read More »
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Favorite Military-Themed TV shows for Military Families

Throughout the years televisions has been able to capture our favorite moments, make us laugh, and even teach us a thing or two. Military themed shows are no different. There have been sitcoms that make us laugh out loud about fanatical military generals who trick the “bad guys” and wi... Read More »
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Crime Rates in the United States Over the Past 5-10 Years

Crime in the United States has fluctuated quite a bit throughout the years; the crime rate escalated throughout the 1980s, and reached its peak in 1993 and then began to decrease throughout the 1990s and 2000s.  In 1999, the United States had a crime index rate of 4,267 reported offenses per ... Read More »
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