Why I’m Grateful for the Service of Military Troops

It takes a special kind of person to serve in the Military. One who is strong, hardworking, daring, and aggressive.  But most of all, it takes a person who is completely selfless.  Our troops put their lives on the line each and every day so that we can live a life of comfort and freedom.  It’s hard to know what to say or how to thank someone who performs such a great service to you, your family, and your country.

We currently have troops fighting in the ‘Overseas Contingency Operation’ in Afghanistan and Iraq which is anything but a safe and pleasant mission.  If most of us were aware of the typical soldier’s living conditions, we’d shutter at the thought of having to go through that ourselves.  For example, soldiers with the 173rd Airborne Brigade in the remote mountains of Afghanistan are surviving cold and miserable winter weather conditions.  With the extreme elevations in this country, these soldiers are supplied by airdrop and need to hand carry supplies to their camps from the drop zone.  Some of these troops are at such remote firebases that they are living in mud huts and often go several weeks without bathing.  They wear their socks until they must throw them away.  One reporter described the area as almost uninhabitable and said that this is an ‘in the trenches’ front line unit that is actively engaged in battle on our behalf in terrible conditions.  It is amazing to me that we have men and women who make these kinds of sacrifices and risk their lives every day for people they don’t even know and never complain about it.  What amazing people these soldiers are to go through all they do to protect the country they love.

I’d like to also thank the soldiers who are serving in places other than Iraq and Afghanistan.  They too put their lives on the line and go through less than ideal situations to help others.  One mission that I recently read about was soldiers who are fighting floods and drugs in central South America.  We have about 500 individuals there currently supporting the mission Joint Task Force-Bravo.  The task force conducts joint operations in the region, enhancing both security and the development of democracy.  On top of that, they also support humanitarian efforts in the USSOUTHCOM area of responsibility and participate in counter-narcotics operations there.  One example of this is in November 2008, flooding occurred in both Costa Rica and Panama.  Our soldiers were there to provide assistance to the victims of that natural disaster. They also provided airlift of 300,000 pounds of supplies in the affected region and helped rescue civilians stranded by floodwaters as well.  I feel so privileged to have these men and women provide such wonderful acts and be willing to leave the friends and family for a period of time to do so.

I will forever be grateful for our country’s military troops! We are so privileged to have these men and women give everything they have to the country we love. THANK YOU to each and every one of you! We owe our life, liberty, and freedom to you brave soldiers!

This post was written by Emily Green, VA Loan Processor at Flagship Financial Group.

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